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Messengers of Jazz

Rose J. Smith & Melvin R. Smith

American Contemporary Fine Art

Artist Statement:

"My drawings, watercolors, oils and acrylics have always been for me the means by which I render my true feelings to the world.  In essence, my art is a confession made to clarify what I have witnessed in life.

While practicing free association, I move back and forth between my conscious and unconscious worlds in search of my innermost feelings about nature. 

Surrealism has always been a strong force in my paintings.  I don't know where it came from; it was just always there like the color of my skin.  My images have evolved and are wedded in patterns of light and color, reflecting my visual reactions to the world around me.  I create dreamlike characters from another place and time.

To me, art seems to cleanse the dust from the soul of everyday life. When I do art, there is a quiet, calm, pure harmony, and music inside me---and that's when I hear the beautiful song of the brush.  It consumes me like a Billie Holiday song---it's medicine for my soul."

– Rose J. Smith

Artist Statement:

"The relationship between the creator and the created object and what it means to the spectator is a mystery to me.  My intention is for my art to evoke time beyond events or hours or years. Hopefully, the underlying metaphor of much of my imagery will lie somewhere in this direction, and has something to do with time lived and felt, moment by moment."

–Melvin R. Smith

The artwork of this husband and wife creative team has been exhibited nationally for the past 35 years. The art work of Rose J Smith and Melvin R Smith represents an extraordinary coming together of history, social observation, artistic commentary, and childhood reminiscence. Their fascinating art reveals what Oklahoma City News Paper critic, John Brandenburg, called “A powerful and visually stimulating journey."

While extensive time and resources go into the creation of the work presented here, included in them are also those intangibles you’re unlikely to see elsewhere.

Northwestern Gallery

Northwestern Gallery possesses those rare qualities we find in but a few individuals/groups.

"A powerful and visually stimulating journey."  -Art critic John Brandenburg